Behind Circular Homes

Passion and determination to help nature are the driving force behind CIRCULAR HOMES

I grew up in a family where my parents used to take us on exciting bushveld adventures through Africa and taught us about the natural world. Since childhood, I had a deep appreciation for nature and being fascinated by the smallest living things. The need to protect Mother earth and the urge to learn more was always there and even in my teenage years, I did my Junior Nature Conservation courses in the school holidays.  Me and my school friends used to take a city bus to the Pretoria Zoo to do volunteer work after school – we all loved it!  

Fast forward to years later living in beautiful Cape Town, having a loving husband and two stunning kids, I wanted to do more to help create a brighter “environmental” future for them.  Unsure on where to start, I did my research and attended numerous conferences and saw the concerning bee-, marine life- and landfill statistics. Everything is connected, the soil, our water, animals, plants, insects, our air, our food… And the scary realization, that our human health is dependent on the wellness of all of these, yet none of these are dependent on humans.

I decided that I need to help bees first as they perform a critical task that is vital to the survival of agriculture and therefore our food supply.  We needed to find ways to create a sustainable ecosystem where bees, nature and humans can thrive.  The solution had to be simple enough for everyone to be able to contribute and make a difference in their daily living.

After speaking to my dad (who is a soil scientist) about my dream, he told me about Bokashi.  To be very honest, I was sceptical at first, but with time I saw that we really CAN take our daily kitchen waste, combine it with Bokashi and generate nutrient-rich compost for bee friendly flower- and vegetable gardens, while also reducing our carbon footprint.

I decided to resign and to follow my heart.  Circular Homes was born on my birthday, World Soil Day 5 December 2018.

Dora Wolhuter, one of my first Bokashi clients, who then became a close friend, joined the Circular Homes team in February 2021. Dora was born in Portugal and grew up in South Africa. She has the same passion for the outdoors and nature. She can tell you a lot about hiking anywhere in the world! 

I truly believe that together we can change the world for the better. Have a “live and let live” outlook, by not killing every little insect that crosses your path (except for snails of course, they truly are a pest and you can feed them to your friend’s chickens as a treat 🙂 Stay as far away from any pesticides and chemical products.  Share your knowledge, guide others to live a more sustainable conscious life and help where you can. The world needs less fake and more real.

I’m a Whatsupp or phone call away, so feel welcome to contact me with any questions!

Your partner in a greener, sustainable, brighter future,

Natashia de Wet  (066 231 2839)


Core values we aim for everyday

Putting nature's interest first

Always being friendly and helpful

Striving for service excellence

Continued learning and improvement

Providing quality and proven products

What our clients say

“I want to thank you for introducing me to Bokashi.  In the last 10 months, it has exponentially improved my product.  As a private chef who prioritizes sustainable, local ingredients I can not do better than out of my own garden.  What sets Bokashi apart is that it breaks down meat offcuts and small bones which goes in my compost heap and leave me with a rubbish bin that rarely gets used!! No smell, plus no waste.  A game-changer for me personally and I can add maximum value to my patrons in the most sustainable way.  Thank you!!”

Lush Zelewitz

(Private Chef at Mahlzeit - August 2021)

What our clients say

I am so grateful to Natashia for introducing the Bokashi composting system to me.  In our small way we are helping to ease the burden on the environment and also find more economical ways to boost our garden from home. We started out with one bin and then found need for another.  Our 3 year old son is a keen participator too.  An all round win for our kitchen, garden and ultimately the environment.

Lavanya Pillay

What our clients say

“As an avid gardener, I have always had a compost heap.  Since I started with Bokashi, the turnaround of scraps to compost is much quicker and I have plenty of Bokashi-tea to use as a liquid fertilizer too! But the #1 reason why I’ll stick to using Bokashi, is because it solved our rat problem!  No more edibles for rats in my compost heap, thanks to Bokashi!”

Antoinette Swart - Client

What our clients say

Feeling super informed and inspired. So excited to do Bokashi Composting, especially after thinking composting is impossible in my apartment (with no garden). Appreciate the opportunity to ask questions whenever they pop up.” 

Danielle Gerber - Client

What our clients say

“Natashia runs her business with her heart.  She is always willing to help and just want to make the world a better place.  She is on the ball and her knowledge is admirable.”

Lisa Starr - Helderberg Ocean Awareness Movement - Client

What our clients say

“As a concerned citizen, health conscious individual and nature lover, when I first saw Circular Homes at an exhibition where Bokashi fermented composting practice was displayed, I realized the people behind Circular Homes fully comprehend the essence of sustainability, organic gardening and soil regeneration. The social media site and online shop of Circular Homes is now my first source for information, guidance and products when it comes to Bokashi, earthworm farming, organic gardening and soil re-generation.  In addition, Circular Homes had already contributed significantly and done great work in the community to give back and educate in support of our better future. Thank you!”

Roelof Louw - Client