Healing Our Soil~

Using Food Waste

Food waste is an extremely valuable resource which can regenerate our soil and contribute towards a sustainable future for our beautiful planet.

21 of our 24 landfills in the Western Cape are full or critically full.  Sending food waste to a dumpsite is the worst option as it will never break down between all the plastic rubble.  The rotting food waste releases harmful methane gas and toxins siphons through to our precious groundwater.  The heat generated gets trapped within our atmosphere and warms our planet to dangerous levels. 

Globally we generate 5.5 million tons of waste every single day, harming the planet quicker than nature can regenerate itself.  We are running out of landfill space and the extra is being dumped into our oxygen-giving ocean.  This waste disposal process is unsustainable. 

Our overlooked food waste stream has the potential to provide nutrients to our depleted soil, boost plant health, curb climate change and therefore secure our well-being.

Circular Homes is closing the loop on all food waste through home- and business Bokashi composting solutions. We focus on getting the community involved to live greener and to reuse their food waste in their own gardens or to donate it, so that it can be turned into nutrient-rich compost.  

Our vision is to use the produced Bokashi compost in establishing bee friendly flower parks and community vegetable gardens.  This provides solutions to the alarming rate of bee colonies declining, critical landfill- and climate change challenges.

Together we can restore our soils and give back to nature.

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Limited space or time to compost at home?

We pick up your 2 week fermented Bokashi food waste and give you an empty bin back to start again.

Plus we give you 500g Bokashi for free.

The Circular Homes difference

Striving to bring sustainable, reusable and compostable products to every home  

Many people are unsure about the composting process or have tried, but failed attempting it on their own.  Now they have us to guide them!

  • All products tested for quality
  • Ethically sourced products
  • World class client service and after-sales support
  • Education and sharing knowledge is an integral part of us

Together we can do so much for our beautiful environment.

Where do I start?

We believe in easy-to-use, eco-friendly, hygienic, compostable and practical products. 

Welcome to make an appointment with us and pop in at our shop in 19 Compacta street, Somerset West. 

Alternatively visit our online shop to start your composting journey.

Community Project since February 2019

Somerset West Village Garden 

With over 2000 Bokashi bins composted to date, our Bokashi programme at the non-profit Somerset West Village Garden (corner of Drama- and New Street, Somerset West) is helping to get the community involved by donating their 2 week old Bokashi fermented food waste bins. The food waste is transformed into Bokashi compost and used to provide nutrition to the soil and grow organic vegetables.  The vegetables are made available to the homeless and general community. 

Empty your Bokashi fermented bin on Mondays to Thursdays 9:00 – 14:00 or                    Fridays 9:00 – 12:00 (except on rainy days and public holidays). 

For every 10 full fermented Bokashi bins received, you get a bag of compost in return.

**Please note: We can’t take fresh untreated food waste, as it will attract rats and pests.**

Compostable vs Biodegradable vs Oxo-degradable?

Watch out if products say “biodegradable” as this is not certified as compostable. It does not tell you how it will decompose nor if additives were added to the product. These added additives breaks down into microplastics, which is still pollution. 

“Oxo-degradable” products are a big threat and banned in many countries worldwide. It should also be banned in South Africa.  It is standard petroleum plastic,  mixed with a biodegradable additive, thus after the bio additive is broken down, the microplastics will remain. 

Certified compostable products are the sustainable option and reusable Polylactide acid (PLA) being the best.  Every certified compostable product will have its own unique code on the product, which you can lookup online to confirm that it is compostable.  The compostable standards codes are Europe (EN13432 / EN14995), USA (ASTM D6400 / ASTM D6868), Australia (AS4736) and Worldwide (ISO17088 / ISO18606).

Normal plastics should be recycled and bioplastics (compostable plastics) should be composted or buried.  Neither should end up on landfill.

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