Compost Thermometer (Colour coded dial)


Stainless Steel
50cm Probe
5cm Dial (Colour Coded Dial – Steady, Active, Hot)

Want to make the BEST compost?
Then use a thermometer to measure the heat of your compost heap!

Put the long probe at different locations in your compost pile.
Leave compost thermometer for 30 seconds between readings.

To kill pathogens and weed seeds, you need your compost heap to be at 55’C for 3 days or 65’C for 2 days, turn heap, water heap and repeat. (Ratio’s for your compost heap: 60% brown material, 30% green material and 10% manure.)

If the compost heap goes higher than 70’C, then poke holes in with a stick, in order for the heat to escape, as the heat will kill the beneficial organisms and lose valuable nutrients.

Try to turn your compost heap a maximum of 4 times throughout the process, to create a favourable environment for the beneficial fungi to grow.

Keep your compost heap at a 50% moisture level throughout.

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