25L Bokashi Bin with strainer


25L Bokashi bin includes a lid, strainer and tap.
Each kitchen will need 2 x airtight Bokashi bins.
For households of more than 6 people a third bin is usually needed.

Only open Bokashi bin ONCE a day.
Always keep it tightly closed, as you want the least amount of oxygen in the bin.
Use fresh food waste – NO rotten or mouldy food.
Add all your food waste including cooked and uncooked leftovers, meat, fish, small bones, dairy, citrus and eggshells.
For every layer of food waste, add handful Bokashi in the airtight Bokashi bin.
The Bokashi microorganisms cannot operate optimally in liquid, therefore the strainer prevents the food waste from laying in the leachate (liquid from food waste) at the bottom.

Once the first bin is full, set it aside for a 2 week fermentation period.
Thereafter, the fermented food waste is ready for Step 2 and can be composted with garden waste, fed to a worm farm, buried in highly depleted soil, or donated to a community garden.
The bin has a tap to enable tapping off the Bokashi juice. This juice can be used in your compost heap or helps to keep drains clean.

Dimensions: 41cm x 32cm x 32cm

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